Orange county is located on a flat coastal plain in the extreme southeast corner of Texas. Orange’s climate is a mixture of tropical and temperate zone conditions. The area lies far enough south that the cold air masses of winter are moderate in severity, but still provide the stimulating effects of seasonal change.

The average maximum temperatures range from the low 60s in January to the high 90s in the summer months. A few miles inland, away from the marked influence of the Gulf of Mexico, summer maximums are higher and winter minimums are lower than on the coast. Extreme departures from the normal temperatures seldom occur for more than four successive days.

High normal rainfall, distributed quite evenly throughout the year, and prevailing southerly winds from the Gulf of Mexico explain the high humidity. The lightest precipitation usually occurs in March and October. Cloudy, rainy weather is most common in winter. Heavy rainfall occurs in thunderstorms of short duration and as a result of infrequent tropical storms. Snow or sleet seldom occurs. The greatest snowfall recorded in any one storm was only 4.4 inches. The area enjoys approximately 60 percent sunshine throughout the year.

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